Out 5th May vinyl and 19th May digital, pre-order here: https://chesslojuniordrut.bandcamp.com/album/long-hum

(A1) Hyroglyph
(A2) Hammond Noise
(A3) Shimmer
(B1) KTO
(B2) Belgrade
(B3) Get A Grip

If you’ve spent some time of the dancefloors of London clubs over the past five years, you should be more than familiar with the refined selecting skills of Steve Braiden. Schooled in the art of DJing on the airwaves of radio stations with a succession of regular slots on Sub FM, Rinse and now NTS, there’s a sense of expectation that comes with a new studio mix from Steve Braiden which tend to surface once a year and cause all manner of frantic Discogs purchases soon after.
A graduate of the 2010 London edition of Red Bull Music Academy, Braiden has gradually added producer to his CV, which also includes being a highly decorated photographer - check out his work on his freshly designed website. Braiden’s maiden 12” release was of course The Alps, issued on Joy Orbison’s shortlived Doldrums label back in late 2010 replete with a Kassem Mosse remix. A self-confessed perfectionist streak has ensured the minimum amount of subsequent material has been of the optimum club-focused quality, be it the Belfry Tower 12” for Rush Hour or remixes of Jacques Greene and SBTRKT.

Braiden recently decamped to Berlin and it seems the change of pace has had a positive impact on his studio time with his seventy five minute mix for our podcast series debuting a brand new production in the shape of “Apex of the Sun’s Way”. Slipped in towards the end, the track sounds right at home wedged between Marco Shuttle’s classic “The Vox Attitude” and a cut from Kassem Mosse’s recent album. We’ve had this mix on the office stereo for several weeks now and it’s likely to remain in rotation for the forseeable future! Braiden was kind enough to answer some questions on Berlin, beetroot salad, Kassem Mosse and more - you can read that here: http://bit.ly/1f2EoxL


1. Drewsky - Shouts Out
2. Moodymann - The Most Fearful
3. Scientific Dreamz of U - Journey In2 The Light {Self-Healing & Re-birth}
4. Maya Jane Coles - Parallel worlds (Kowton Remix)
5. Kassem Mosse - Untitled
6. Frankie Bones - So High
7. Dario Zenker - Cookin Bookin
8. Sleazy D - Trust Track
9. Steffi - My Room
10. Frankie Bones - Inner Freak Style
11. Chateau Flight - Discobole (Pepe Bradock beats)
12. David Vunk - Disco Sysex
13. SCS - Marauder
14. Container - Slush
15. A Made Up Sound - Fortress (the hague 2005)
16. Gunnar Haslam - Optional
17. Taras Van De Voorde & David Vunk - Need You Tonight (ROD Remix)
18. Blue Hour - Reef II
19. David Vunk - Vroesenpark
20. Bleaching Agent - twwpk
21. Sparky - Jigsaw
22. Marco Shuttle - The Vox Attitude
23. Braiden - Apex of the Sun’s Way
24. Kassem Mosse - Untitled
25. Aphex Twin - Kesson Daslef



Christophe - Gotta Release 

A1. Origional Mix

B1. James Welsh Remix

B2. Last Magpie Remix*

[Forthcoming] on Hypercolour April 28th 

Those remixes tho

Earlier this year, Scuba (a.k.a. Paul Rose) announced that he would soon be launching Phenix, a three-part series of EPs. The first installment was released last week, and although the EP was teased ahead of time by a tantalizingly brief mini-mix, the Hotflush boss has chosen to follow the record up in a more proper fashion by putting together the first chapter of what will apparently be a Phenix podcast series. The 70-plus-minute mix, which can be streamed and downloaded below, includes all four tunes from Phenix 1, but also includes selections from Boddika & Joy Orbison, South London Ordnance, Radioslave, Recondite, Paul Woolford, and others. There’s no word yet when the second Phenix EP will appear, but this podcast should help to tide over Scuba fans in the meantime. 01. Scuba - Throb
02. Divvorce - Roquentin’s Release
03. Boddika & Joy Orbison - In Here
04. Dense & Pika - Wandering Hands
05. Thomas Fehlmann - Tree
06. South London Ordnance - Sabre
07. Radioslave - Don’t Stop No Sleep
08. Recondite - Delarge
09. FKA Twigs - Water Me
10. Paul Woolford - Erotic Discourse (Kowton Remix)
11. Bruno Sacco - Deformed (Frank Valaat remix)
12. John Osborn - Meldrum
13. Ahmet Sisman - Ruhani
14. Scuba - Curious Paradox
15. Moritz Von Ostwald Trio - Pattern 4
16. Phil Kieran - Getting Away
17. Scuba - Cyanide
18. SCB - Rope
19. Scuba - Time Relentless Time

It’s not often that an artist makes as big an impact with a debut release as Celestial Trax has with ‘Paroxysm’. The six-track EP sees the New York-based artist land alongside the likes of Visionist and Kingdom as someone who makes undefinable electronic music that’s laced with sub bass.


“Ground Effect Vehicle”
Out soon on ALL CAPS

B. Honig
Release Date: 28/05/12

” This Ones For You You Know Who You Were”

Forthcoming Aus Music, Apr 2014.

© 2014 ClekClekBoom Recordings

Coni “Comfort Zone” EP [CCB015]
01. The Opposite | 7:55 | 126 BPM
02. Napalm | 4:58 | 129 BPM
03. Bunker’s Groove | 6:37 | 125 BPM
04. Exit To The Comfort Zone | 2:15 | 135 BPM

“Just after a few months after his last effort, Coni is back with a vengeance on the ClekClekBoom imprint with the wild “Comfort Zone” EP. This time he tried to do some happy raw tracks to dance to, but not only.
The show begins with “The Opposite” where an ever growing synth pad pattern keep going while some dusty toms make things tribal and warm. Playing with the lo and the high pass to create pressure points, it make the tension floating all along this confident and sunny opener. The next one “Napalm” is a direct homage to the Dance Mania legacy, the Chicago flavor is all over this straight banger, in the purest form possible. Using some jacking 606 and a 909 mixed with some old organ is enough to build this obsessive tool, ready for any floor. On the flip, “Bunker’s Groove” dives into a more darker territory, aimed for the late hours of a warehouse party, it’s filled with muffled percussions and decay getting lost in anagogic reverbs. distilled in the track, some rare stabs loosely looking like some sounds used in the ballroom scene are here to remind us that we’re still in the club, but deep, deep below the surface. Maintaining the same mood, “Exit To Comfort Zone” ends the EP in a more introspective fashion. Beatless and full of sci-fi noises, the human presence is just allowed via some long distance voices recorded from an unknown past, then quietly fades into some electronic mist. All in all this record shows how versatile Coni can be, and we can’t wait to see what he’ll be cooking for the next chapter…”

Release on digital and limited edition heavy weight 180g 12” vinyl
Mastered by Stuart Hawkes at Metropolis Mastering
Distributed by ST Holdings www.stholdings.co.uk

Vinyl: April 21st
Digital: May 5th

Coni : soundcloud.com/conidj • www.facebook.com/conimusicwww.twitter.com/c_o_n_i